The school's goals

The goal of our MyVinci facilities is to provide children with an eviroment for a harmonious and versatile development. Starting with teaching content-related knowledge and broadening the mind horizons, through teaching values and building noble morale attitudes, to a healthy physical developement. The methods we use have proven useful in our preschool education and are aimed at stimulating the natural curiosity of a child and the desire to think on their own.

At MyVinci School we place great care in the developement and strengthening of each childs' potential with respecting their own personality and talents.

MyVinci Schools' mission consists of two main guidelines:

A childs' natural talents are worth developing. This is possible through access to highest level education, where quality is placed over quantity.

The main ground for learning is each childs' own mind activity that is assisted by the teacher.



Development and strengthening of each childs' potential with respect of their own personality and talents.


Overall versatile education of a young person.


Education of the highest level, where quality stands over quantity.

Czerska 14
00-732 Warszawa, Polska


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We're a private Primary School entered into the registry of schools and private schools at No. 127/SN.

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MyVinci School is a registered Cambridge International School.