The programme

MyVinci School covers the official Polish educational programme in Polish and issues Polish school diplomas in accordance to the proper decree of the Polish Ministry of Education. The school is supervised by the Mazovian Curator for Education.

The School also covers the British curriculum programme for primary schools – the British National Curriculum.

We are collaborating with foreign scientific institutes – e.g. the Global Advanced Research Centre in the United Kingdom.

The classes are taught mostly in English. The classes covering the Polish educational programme are taught in Polish.

Below we present 8 main programme guidelines of the MyVinci Programme.

1. Intelligence development on multiple levels

Przykład realizujący założenia wielopoziomowego rozwoju inteligencji

Here's an example that fits the guideline description of developing intelligence on multiple levels

A child's intelligence is wide-ranging and dynamic. Therefore we value the harmonious developement of all types of intelligence: Linguistic, Logical-Matematical, Spacial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intra-Personal.

  • We promote integrated education acknowledged by the modern pedagogy as being the most effective way of teaching (e.g. combining linguistic education with mathematics and science).
  • Lessons in fine arts, music and computer programming are taught separately by the best specialist in each field. 
  • We introduce the kids to tools and learning stategies from the very first days of education, which improves analytical and synthetic thinking, strategic planning, observing phenomena in macro-scale, establishing priorities, etc.

2. Multilingualism

Multilingualism in the modern world is an essential ability, which develops the intelectual and social potential, encouraging personal and professional progress.

Apart from the practical aspect, the sole process of learning languages has an influence on a number of important functions of the mind: better concentration and memory, development of cognitive abilities, divisible attention and multi-tasking. It also helps to analyze information and make decisions faster.

  • The classes are being held in two languages: Polish and English.
  • Extracurricular classes in Russian and Spanish are being held at 3:45 – 4:45 p.m. 
  • Teaching languages is done through immersion, an effective teaching strategy that allows the children contact with the language in a natural way. Native speakers guarantee not only high quality language skills, but also learning about the culture.

3. Knowledge in practice

The knowledge gained through independent experience, engaging the childs' emotions helps to understand and permanently remember new concepts and phenomena better, develops creativity and encourages to further independent searchings, gives happiness and satisfaction at the same time building the childs' self-conciousness. Therefore in MyVinci we use methods that show the practical dimension of knowledge and put it in a familiar setting, which makes learning an attractive and interesting way of discovering the world.

  • We use and strengthen the individual potential of each child using the Personalised Learning strategy that enforces education shaped by the students' interests and personal experience.
  • Information taken from textbooks is completed with nature observations, experiments and contact with pieces of art as well as developing musical sensitivity.
  • The education takes place at school, where children leave their textbooks and materials. We do not plan to give homework in the traditional sense. On parents' individual request the teacher will point to materials for homework.

4. Contact with culture and arts


To build the humans' emotional sphere the contact with culture and arts is important, because it develops sensitivity and creativity, broadenes intelectual horizons, helps to fine-tune the functioning of the mind: coordination, spacial and linguistic imagination.

Therefore in MyVinci we provide the children with stimuli of highest quality and awaken their artistic awareness.

  • The basic arts and music education in MyVinci is complemented by frequent museum, theatre and concert visits.

5. Modern tools and technologies

Apart from learning how to work with new world-class technologies, the access to modern tools and technologies forms a key ability needed in the 21st century of keeping an open mind for new knowledge and readiness to new take on new challenges. Therefore in MyVinci we provide opportunities to have contact with inventions and technology discoveries on an everyday basis.

  • At MyVinci the children will learn to work with a computer as well as use the most popular graphic and text editing programms.
  • The MyVinci programme allows to verify the theory in practical assignments by using computers and 3D printing technology.
  • At MyVinci we're all for interactivity, kinesthetic involvement, literary-theatrical and musical aspects of the lessons, i.e. by using multimedia – computer, video, etc.

6. Learning enviroment – psyche, emotions, values


How the enviroment looks like has a direct influence on the mood and aesthetic experiences. The surrounding atmosphere and normal relations between the child and teachers, who have are guides and guardians on the new-found land of knowledge, is a really important factor influencing the childs' attitude towards school, education and gaining new knowledge.

Normal relationships with peers are a further important factor of the humans' personality developement that influences the self-consciousness and the social and moral realm – relationships with others, sense of justice, respecting each other, the nature and ownership. Therefore in MyVinci we take great care in the quality of the childrens' surroundings.

  • We provide tasteful, designer interiors and high quality equipment and educational materials.
  • We're careful in selecting teachers, taking both their competence and psychological profile into account.
  • Lessons in groups teach the children dependence and joint responsibility.
  • The whole teaching process is supervised by the schools' counsellor.

7. Development of body-awareness

The condition for the childs' proper development is caring about the simultanious and harmonious intellectual, emotional and physical development. The physical development, body training and building its body-awareness is an important factor – it improves the motor activity and fitness, building a sense of strength, self-trust and safety. Therefore, at MyVinci the physical development is in high regards. We select the best trainers to work with children. They not only are competent, but are also champions in their field, which lets them teach the children their sports discipline and most of all the will to fight and perseverance.

  • Sports classes reach far outside the traditional programme. We provide lessons in: general gymnastics, judo, karate, dance, team sports.
  • The children take part in exercises and fulfill tasks that promote cooperation (e.g. inspired by the British scouts).
  • An addition to the programme are sport activities like survival and scouting.

8. Resourcefullness (and spirit)

Taking the challenges of the – at times not so friendly - contemporary world into account, at every step of education at MyVinci the children have a chance to get used to rules on how to act in though conditions by taking part in travellers' and survival trainings. This develops resourcefullness in our students and teaches them how to deal with difficulties and challenges. At the same time they learn about the dangers of the surrounding world and ways to control them. The children also take part in physical activities and fulfill given tasks that promote cooperation (e.g. inspired by the British scouts).

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