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What does the enrollment process look like?
Required documents
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What does the fees contain?
What are additional fees?

Education in the MyVinci Primary School is first an foremost dedicated to alumni of the MyVinci Preschool nursery. We keep our students comfort and guidelines for an individual treatment of each student in high regard, therefore the number of pupils in one class is limited. We will enable the enrollment to the class in case there are some open spots left and after veryfiying your childs' skills.

What does the enrollment process look like?

If you are interested in enrolling your child into MyVinci School first you should contact the Director of the School by phone or e-mail. Together with the Director you will plan a meeting at a time suitable to you and your child.

The child should fulfill the basic requirements regarding the age and development. We also ask for a basic understanding of English – the child should feel comfortable hearing the English language and be accustomed to it, because part of the lessons will be held in English.

The enrollment of the child to MyVinci School happens on the basis of a civil agreement between the parents (legal guardians) and the School, represented by the Schools' Director.

The Director can deny the application if the school can not provide the child with an adequate teaching and education enviroment.

The school enrolls studens if their parents agree to pay for the schools' education, because the School is not associated with any school region.

Required documents after enrollment:

The application is accepted based on the Application Card, applied in person or send by post to our address or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Required documents:

  • Childs' Application Card (completly filled out);
  • copy of childs' birth certificate;
  • certificate of completing preschool prep classes (in the case of children who had taken part in such preparation)
  • Opinion of a public counselling facility about the mental and physical maturity for grade school (in the case of 6-year-old children who did not participate in preschool classes);

Announcing the enrollment results

The parents will be informed about the enrollment results immediately after the interview with the Director.

Downloadable application forms

Application Form

The full amount of the mothly fee for the education in MyVinci School is due for 9 months of the year. During the holiday months the fee is reduced to 90% of the original amount. 

What does the fees contain?

The monthly fees cover all educational activities required by the curriculum at MyVinci School as well as the cost of food, provided by a healthy catering firm. 

What are additional costs? 

  • We require a once-only-paid admission fee that is not refundable. The admission fee is due within 7 working days of the date of signing the agreement.
  • Costs of extra-curricular activities organized and held by third parties.
  • Costs of other extra-curricular activities
  • Participation costs in other activities (e.g. Theatre and cinema tickets, trips)
  • Childs' accident insurance costs

Bank account number

Here you can find the Schools' bank account number. (coming soon)

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School supplies for first graders[.pdf] coming soon in English

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