Grade 0

Pre-School of the 21st century

The MyVinci programme is a tailor made educational programme that matches the development needs of the future generations of the 21st century.    

The educational programme of the pre-school continues to value the ideas of the MyVinci programme, which is thought at the nursery school MyVinci Preschool.

Moreover, the Grade 0 programme contains all necessary elements reguired by the Polish Ministry of Education, but it provides much more content than the minimal legal programme.

Basic principles of the MyVinci Grade 0 class programme

individual approach, individual profile of the child's development

classes in English

Science, Maths, Art and Music

learning languages by immersion (English, Polish)

motor and music stimulation plus motor ergonimics

Computer programming 


If you have already decided to make the best decision you can for the future of your child, please contact us and arrange a meeting. During the meeting a member of our director's board will have a friendly chat with your child to establish if the MyVinci Pre-School programme will be adequate for the child. The minimal requirements for the child candidates are provided in the next article.
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We're a private Primary School entered into the registry of schools and private schools at No. 127/SN.

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MyVinci School is a registered Cambridge International School.